Stathis Theodoropoulos

Stathis Theodoropoulos is the Founder & Principal of Firefly Lighting LLC, and has been a veteran of the lighting industry for nearly 8 years.

As founder of Firefly Lighting LLC, Stathis is focused on delivering a white glove service to its many distinguished clients working on New York City’s most exciting projects. With projects ranging from residential, retail, commercial, and hospitality, Stathis’s company is focused on bringing attention and urgency in completing the lighting distribution scope of their respective projects which enables NYC’s best architects and builders to deliver the best projects in the city. Every great company comes with a great story as well as Firefly Lighting LLC was created with relationships made within the Cyprus US Chamber of Commerce.

But Stathis’s drive do not end with business. Within the Hellenic American community, Stathis is an active stewart working on a broad range of Hellenic American issues and initiatives. Stathis was recently appointed by Governor Phil Murphy of NJ to New Jersey’s Hellenic Heritage Commission, a commission within the Executive Branch of New Jersey’s government with a focus on promoting Hellenism within the state and creating unique opportunities to deepen relationships between New Jersey and Greece & Cyprus. Additionally, Stathis is active in Hellenic American advocacy work, working with the Hellenic American Leadership Council to advocate elected officials, from Federal Representatives to local officials, on key legislative and Foreign Policy issues and building a grassroots base of young Greek Americans to advocate on these important issues.

One of Stathis’s highlights is being a founding member Cyprus’s US Chamber of Commerce’s Cypriot Young Professionals in 2013, and served as President of the group in 2015. During his tenure as president, he launches CYP’s leadership dinners, and entrepreneur workshops. The focus of these initiatives were to bring together a new generation or Cypriot-Americans & Greek- Amercians within the Cyprus US Chamber of Commerce and broader community as a whole, while also providing meaningful opportunities to build relationships and create opportunities for entrepreneurship and career advancement.

Education:  Rutgers University – Cook College B.S. Environmental & Business Economics