George Alexandrou

George Alexandrou is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Max Finkelstein, Inc…

He is internationally experienced and highly accomplished.  The depth and breath of his experience encompasses working at companies ranging from large enterprises to greenfield startups, finance, manufacturing, biochemistry, consumer products and software publishing.  Worked with massive Hybrid-Cloud systems, E-Commerce, marketing, sales & delivery, to small embedded devices for manufacturing, sales, transportation and marketing.

George started his career in 1989 as a Programmer/Analyst. In 1994 he joined PepsiCo, Inc. in Somers, New York and worked there until 2009. Held various positions as Chief Architect and Manager for selling and delivery systems, vending machines handhelds, and emerging technologies to name a few.  Prior to joining Max Finkelstein, Inc., George worked at Mana Products, Inc. in New York City as Vice President and Chief Information Officer. In total, George rebuilt and ran IT for four companies during his career;  Next Access Technologies (startup), Ross computers, Mana Products and Max Finkelstein. George holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from Queens College, City University of New York.

George was born in Limassol, Cyprus.  He immigrated to the USA in 1982. He has served on numerous Advisory Boards and Councils including Microsoft Mobile, St John’s University and New York Institute of Technology.  George is also author of “The UNIX Training Boot Camp” which is published by PepsiCo and is in its 13th edition.